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Product portfolio

Press tools

Porsche Werkzeugbau develops and manufactures all types of press tools for production of vehicle body parts. This includes everything from side sections, doors and flaps, wings, roofs and structural parts through to floor assembly parts – made of high and higher-strength steel, aluminium or fibre-polymer composites. The basis for this is many years of experience, a high level of competence and a fully computer-assisted process chain. Porsche Werkzeugbau not only develops and manufactures tools for sheet metal parts, but also for tailor welded blanks and tailor rolled blanks.

Mechanised handling equipment

In addition to the press tools, Porsche Werkzeugbau also manufactures the corresponding mechanised handling equipment. The designs are optimised using state-of-the-art simulation techniques, pre-assembled by us and then fully matched to the exact needs and equipment of the customer’s production installations in order to guarantee reliable parts transport under production conditions. The tools are made ready for operation on the customer’s press production lines, taking account of the stroke rates for the parts.

Inspection gauges and measuring fixtures

Achieving precision in a range of thousandths of a millimetre does not just require many years of experience, it also demands a customer-oriented measuring and inspection strategy as well as a consistent work-holding concept. Porsche Werkzeugbau works out this strategy in parallel to development and production of the press tools. Measuring and inspection gauges for component assessment are also produced.