Porsche - Service portfolio

Service portfolio

Engineering, method planning and tool design

Speed thanks to years of experience. Short development and production times are the norm and not the exception at Porsche Werkzeugbau. Simultaneous engineering methods as well as state-of-the-art simulation technologies are decisive for guaranteeing efficiency and precision. Experienced employees accompany an order throughout the entire development and production process from a technical perspective. Our design engineers work at modern CAD workstations and produce perfect tool designs on the basis of a CAD drawing machine model, the CAD method plan and the applicable equipment regulations.


Indispensable: human/machine interaction. Thanks to many years of experience and use of the latest technologies such as high-speed milling machines or five-axis machining centres, Porsche Werkzeugbau guarantees maximum efficiency and precision in manufacturing press tools.

For machining using CNC machines, we greatly value our skilled employees who set up the machines at workshop‑oriented workplaces (WOP).

Tool assembly

The tools are pre-assembled together with the forming parts using cranes with a safe working load of up to 60 tonnes. Active part processing is followed by adjustment and final assembly up to fully functional status as a basis for subsequent tryout and fine adjustment of the tools.

Tryout and commissioning support

Innovative simulation technologies combined with many years of experience are the basis for success. Use of the latest technologies and forming simulations simplifies the tryout process, but does not dispense with the need for extensive testing and tool optimisation. That is why testing is performed by the most experienced toolmakers at Porsche Werkzeugbau – in one of the most modern tryout centres in the industry. Even after delivery of the tools, our toolmakers also provide support during the commissioning phase up to the start of series production in order to guarantee the high quality of the tools under the customer’s specific conditions


Porsche Werkzeugbau has the highest possible standards when it comes to quality. The expectations of its customers. Quality management is therefore key to meeting customer requirements. The foundation for this is provided by many years of experience and innovative technologies such as state-of-the-art CNC measuring machines and CAQ workstations for programming measuring sequences and systematically determining dimensional accuracy.


The success of Porsche Werkzeugbau is also the success of its customers. Our responsibility therefore continues long after handover of the tools. In the area of After Sales Service, Porsche Werkzeugbau is constantly expanding its service offering. The available services cover the entire toolmaking spectrum of engineering and part development, method planning, design, mechanical machining, setup and tryout.